Nick Thompson Canine Nutrition

Dr. Nick Thompson’s Canine Nutrition, Hypothyroidism & Vaccinations


Join Nick Thompson of Holisticvet, one of the UK’s most respected veterinarians as he shares his insight on raw feeding and canine nutrition, hypothyroidism, vaccinations and so much more.

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Join Dr. Nick Thompson of Holisticvet, one of the UK’s most respected veterinarians as he shares his insight on raw feeding and canine nutrition, hypothyroidism, vaccinations and so much more.

BONUS Footage: Natural Dog Conference
For a limited time, buy this video product to receive Nick’s entire talk at the Natural Dog Conference 2015, entitled “Psychoneuroimmunology: Big Scary Word, Simple Concept”.

An introduction to Raw Food for Dogs

  • Why consider changing from tins or kibble?
  • How safe and complete are raw foods?
  • How to choose a ready made raw food
  • How to make your own raw food diet

Hypothyroidism, Behaviour, Epilepsy & Chronic Disease

  • 43% of English Setters have Autoimmune Thyroiditis
  • Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, Boxer and Labrador breeds are all in the top 25 most commonly affected breeds
  • Groups at higher risk for behavioural disorders due to thyroid disease include: pedigrees, neutered males and females and mid to large sized dogs

Vaccination in the 21st Century

  • Why “re-starting” vaccines is “inconsistent” with the principles of immunological memory
  • Why blood testing (titre testing) is the future
  • When to titre test
  • When to vaccinate puppies; when not to
  • When to vaccinate old dogs; when not to
  • How useful is Kennel Cough Vaccine


  • Welcome (00:31)
  • Introduction (05:34)
  • Case Studies (15:40)
  • Raw Meat and Bones (10:32)
  • Veg and Fruit (13:29)
  • Bacteria and Guidelines (17:48)
  • Health and Nutrition (18:47)
  • Thyroid Disease in Dogs Part 1 (07:12)
  • Thyroid Disease in Dogs Part 2 (23:50)
  • Vaccination Guidelines Part 1 (32:12)
  • Vaccination Guidelines Part 2 (32:38)
  • Vaccinations Q&A (18:33)
  • Outro (00:24)
  • BONUS: Nick Thompson’s talk from the Natural Dog Conference “Psychoneuroimmunology: Big Scary Word, Simple Concept” (1:03:00)

Preview – Raw Meat, Bones and Veg

Preview – Bacteria, Health and Nutrition

Preview – Vaccination Guidelines

  • Having recently attended the Canine Nutrition, Hypothyroidism and Vaccination Seminar presented by Nick Thompson I cannot recommend attending enough – Nick’s approach is relaxed and friendly – the content is informative and easy to digest. As a pet care professional I came home feeling enriched and motivated after the event.
    Carrie H
  • I recently attended one of Nick’s Nutrition Seminars and found the day extremely informative and packed full of common sense advice. As a Behaviourist and Dog Trainer I am always looking to do the best I can for both of my own dogs and those who I offer advice to, so finding a vet with Nick’s experience extolling the virtues on raw feeding and vaccinations following the WSAVA guidelines was a breath of fresh air.
    Jill T
  • The course was very well structured whilst still being flexible to the interests/needs of the delegates – very well delivered. It allayed my major concerns about beginning a raw diet, and gave me the confidence to proceed.
    Claire U
  • This was the second seminar I have attended of Nicks and I love that I am always learning new things! He is a great speaker, entertaining and knowledgable, and has given me the confidence to make up my own raw food and enhance both my dogs well being.Laura P
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar, very thought provoking. I came with an open mind, with no experience of raw food diet having fed a kibble diet to my greyhounds for many years, always apprehensive of booster jabs, the apparent suggested regular application/use of flea/worming treatment. I came away more empowered with the knowledge that perhaps “I’m not such a bad owner”. I feel now more able to make informed decisions as regards my hounds health, veterinary care and nutrition, making small, logical changes to their diet. This is a thoroughly worthwhile event, one that I would hope to repeat.Sharon M
  • I just wanted to say a big thank you for such a fantastic and interesting day, your knowledge and the evidence to back everything up was superbly presented, the day went very quickly (this coming from someone who can’t sit down for more than an hour usually). My day has already proved invaluable; I have got three of my clients onto the raw diet already and my parents’ dog is going for thyroid testing due to fur changes, anxiety and seizures, with the vet not really having been able to diagnose anything up until now.