April Newsletter

Raw Feeding Directory April Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of the Raw Feeding Directory newsletter, here we have some amazing news and offers from the businesses of the directory.

Review of the Month

Let’s start off with our favourite review from last month, and that comes from Linda Brady reviewing The Dogs Butcher.

The Dogs Butcher Review

There are many more fantastic reviews for The Dogs Butcher, check them out here: http://naturalpetdirectory.com/supplier/the-dogs-butcher/

New Product Releases

This month we’ve got two brand new products to share with you.

100% Natural Treats

K9Munchtime are offering 100% natural treats with no preservatives, no additives, no colourings and no flavourings.

  • 100% Dried Fish Skins 100g £3.80, choose from Fingers, Twists, Cubes or Rolls
  • 100% Dried Beef Crunchies 100g £2.80
  • 100% Dried Mini Beef Crunchies 100g £2.80
  • 100% Free Range Rabbit Ears 75g £3.00
  • 100% Dried Chicken Feet 100g £2.00

Contact Zoe on 07815 058032, zoe@k9munchtime.co.uk or www.k9munchtime.co.uk.

K9Munchtime treats

Rawsages – Complete raw sausages

After months of product development, West Fife Raw Feeds are proud to be launching their beef and chicken Rawsages.

West fife raw feeds rawsagesThese are a complete raw meal made to the 80:10:10 ratio in a handy sausage, great for small dogs, holidays, using for treats or for those who are a bit squeamish when it comes to raw feeding.

You can find details of these and their other complete raw products at http://thebarfdiet.co.uk/product-category/food-products/complete-meals/.

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Special Offers

We’ve got some great special offers to share with you this month, read on for…

25% off fresh fish

Our first special offer comes from the Natural Pet Food Shop in the form of fresh fish for dogs.
Fish, especially oily fish, contains essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 which are crucial for brain and body development in humans, and it can help your dog in the same way.

One of the great benefits of feeding raw fish to your dog is that it is easily digestible, and can be a useful addition to the diets of dogs who are allergic to certain types of meat. Due to the high levels of amino acids present in fish, it can help to alleviate arthritis, regulate hormones, build muscle, and fix problems in ligaments, tendons and joints.

The fish they offer contains haddock, salmon, cod, mackerel and hake amongst others. All are sustainably sourced and fresh frozen within hours of arriving from the docks. All fish supplied is human grade and of the highest quality. They offer large cuts for prey feeding, and packets of diced or minced fish.

The usual price is £1.50 for a 500g packet, but as a special offer to readers of this newsletter, we have been offered 25% off all orders placed using the following voucher code: RAWDOGFOOD25.

You can find out more here: http://naturalpetfoodshop.co.uk/?product_cat=fresh-fish-boneless-dog

Colloidal Silver Offer

Mr Slobberchops have been offering the fabulous Colloidal Silver at whopping reduced prices as they love it so much and wanted to share it with you, more offers always on, new products in the pipeline and being tested by their dogs on a daily basis.

Find out more about colloidal silver here: http://www.mrslobberchops.com/store/p7/High_Stability_Colloidal_Silver_%28_anti_bacterial_%29.html

Free delivery on sample packs of SmartBarf

SmartBarf are now taking orders online for 60g sample bags of their 100% natural supplement. The price is £1.75 and with the coupon code sampler there is no delivery charge to UK destinations via Royal Mail.

Order your sample bag here: http://smartbarf.co.uk/sample-bags-now-available-online/

20lbs of minced oily fish for only £14

Landywoods’ special of the week is for 20lbs (or 20 x 454g) of minced oily fish, free from artificial colourings, fillers, preservatives, additives or cereals.
More information available here: https://landywoods.co.uk/product/minced-oily-fish-20x454g/


Win yourself an Andrew James dehydrator

Andrew James Giveaway
Raw Dog Food are giving away an Andrew James dehydrator to one lucky winner, sign up here: https://rawdogfood.co/giveaways/andrew-james-dehydrator-giveaway/


Get out and about this month by heading out to these great events.

Caroline Griffiths’s raw feeding seminars

News is spreading of the value of fresh real food for our pets and Caroline Griffith’s Canine Nutrition and Raw Feeding Seminars are taking the UK by storm!

Pet owners up and down the UK, have been attending a tour seminar on Canine Nutrition and Raw Feeding in their droves the last few months of 2015. The tour has even included a seminar for Vets at the RVC. Can we begin to hope that it a sign of things to come?!

The tour covers more than simply how or why to raw feed, highlighting to each of its attendees so far the value and science behind eating real, fresh food for health and vitality. We recommend checking out the tour to see if it is heading to a town near you!

  • Learn the exact nutritional differences between real foods & processed pet foods
  • Insider info of the commercial pet food industry
  • How the components of different food types influence body function, health and ailments
  • What ailments need to heal optimally
  • How to feed a raw/real meat diet safely & economically,
  • What to look for in a processed food (TIP: its a lot more than just the ingredients!) and importantly,
  • How to know what is correct for your dog or cat as an individual, and why!

**Cats owners welcome too! – Most of the info applies exactly the same, Caroline can tailor answers for your cats too.

All £39 per person (unless specified) including refreshments, certificate and heaps of freebies from pet food and natural pet care companies. All 11am-4.30pm.
Comprehensive, unbiased, independent and fun seminars.
No selling! this is about the health and happiness of your pets!
With Caroline Griffith, author, dog well-being expertise and independent nutrition consultant to leading real meat pet food companies in the EU.

For more info on what is covered Caroline Seminars click here to read her guest blog post: http://naturalpetdirectory.com/different-approaches-to-canine-nutrition/

Canine Nutrition, Hypothyroidism, Vaccinations

Is your dog special to you? Ever wanted to learn more about mans best friend?

Nick Thompson brings his 22 years experience in conventional and complementary veterinary medicine to Swindon to teach this FASCINATING course that EVERY dog lover should attend.

Nick has a wealth of experience and specialises in Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine.

Full Day Course on 18th April 2015 in Swindon @ £55 per person.
10% of hosts profits to be donated to Canine Partners

Book your place here: http://www.dog-first-aid.com/shop/courses/nick-thompson/

Tellington Touch 1 Day Workshop with Toni Shelbourne

TLC Canine Care will be hosting a full day’s Ttouch Workshop with Toni Shelbourne.
There will be a maximum of 12 Handler Places for anyone wishing to take part with their dog to learn Ttouch techniques & what they are used for and also tickets for spectators who just want to watch and learn more.

This promises to be a fascinating day, whether it is your first encounter with these amazing techniques or whether you already have some knowledge but would like to see a professional practitioner at work.
The dogs will be able to stay with their handlers throughout the day but will need to be dogs that are good with others.

Handler & Dog – £45.00
Spectator – £25.00 (to include a Ttouch handout)

Further information:

In other news…

Do you want a raw buddy?

It can be tough to get started with raw feeding, there’s a lot of information to take in and can be scary doing it alone.
How would you like a buddy, or mentor to hand hold you through the process. Whether it’s someone just starting out or an experienced mentor, there’s a raw feeding buddy out there for you.

Click here to find out about raw buddies: https://rawdogfood.co/buddy/

The Dog’s House

A quick hello to Claire at The Dog’s House in Cornwall. Claire was a Veterinary Nurse for 24 years before setting up The Dog’s House and is always happy to share her experience, whether it’s making the switch, helping with health problems, for both cats and dogs.
She has two dogs of her own, one with severe gut damage (the reason she got into raw) and one with many food allergies! Claire also offers very reasonable prices on her products. Find more here: http://www.thedogshousecornwall.co.uk/

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