August Newsletter

August Newsletter
Welcome to the August edition of the Raw Feeding Directory newsletter, a few days later than planned but we got there in the end!There’s some really exciting news about the UK’s first Natural Dog Conference, scroll down the the event section to find out more!

Review of the Month

As always, we’ll start off with our favourite review from last month, and that comes from Lisa Rose reviewing Wolf Tucker.

What a lucky pup! Why don’t you leave a review for your favourite listings on the directory and you could be featured next month!

ALSO… whoever leaves our favourite review next month will win a free copy of either Honey’s Natural Feeding Handbook for Dogs or The Lucky Dog Weight Loss Plan!

Our August Giveaway

Last month we gave away a luxury hamper from Honey’s, congratulations to Suzanne Metcalff who was the lucky winner!
This month we’ve teamed up with Nutriment to bring you another hamper full of amazing goodies.
Click here to enter the giveaway:

New Product Releases

A lot of great things have been going on recently and we’re proud to bring you the following new releases:

Naked Venison and Lamb

Whilst on the subject of Wolf Tucker, they have recently added two new products to their Naked range. Both Venison and Lamb meal products are premium meat with the venison including ground bone.
More information :

More from MVM plus new website

Raw Pet Supplies have expanded their MVM and Happy Hounds ranges to include:
– Minced Lamb & Turkey
– Pig testicles
– Meaty lamb ribs and necks
– Lung Chunks
Plus they’ve got a brand new website which can be found here:

The Dogs Butcher now stocked in the South East

Davids Doggie Dinners have introduced The Dogs Butcher range making them the only stockists in the south east!
More information:

Special Offers

Just the one special offer this month and that comes stateside from Nature Right who make raw feeding EASY!

Use this $20 discount code rfd20off through September 30, 2015 on 20 pounds or more of RAWSULTS™ frozen patties by Nature Right™ Raw Pet Food. Code is valid for 2 purchases. Delivering to 10 U.S. states only-see list below.

RAWSULTS™ offers the perfect ratios of 80/10/5/5 of meat/bone/liver/organs in Moo, Oink & Cluck. Nothing else is added, just meat, bones and organs. They also offer Stink™ patties (tripe). Feed Stink™ frozen to eliminate the smell of tripe.

All animals used are HUMAN GRADE animals from small north Texas family farms.

Visit them at

(States currently delivering to: Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Missouri, Oklahoma & Texas.)

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Now that summer is officially here, there a plenty of exciting events coming up.

The UK’s First Natural Dog Conference

We’re proud to bring you the UK’s first Natural Dog Conference featuring some of the world’s biggest canine experts, hosted by Caroline Griffith and yours truly. We’ve got Dr Karen Becker, Rodney Habib and many other speakers who are excited to cover topics such as canine health & nutrition, vaccinations and dog behaviour. To find out more about this unmissable event, sign up here:

Raw @ Moira Furnace Folk Festival

Raw Paws Pantry will be at the Moira Furnace Folk Festival for the 3 day event from Friday 14th August to Sunday 16th August so if you’re bringing your pooches don’t worry about your raw food or natural treats they will be there to help! They will also be at Overseal Village Hall Charity Dog Show on to offer help and advice on naturally feeding your precious pooches.

Chapel Farm Dog Show

Chapel Farm Rehab are hosting their own dog show in Bristol on 23rd August with activities such as agility sessions, fastest retrieve competition and swimming demos. More information on Facebook:

10th Annual Futures for Dogs Show

Canine epilepsy awareness group, Blu’s Tale Foundation, will be attending the Futures for Dogs show on 30th August held in Sandwich, Kent. Show information:

How to ‘speak dog’ and help your dog enjoy life to the full

Canine Health Concern are hosting an event in Somerset on Saturday 12th September exploring how to communicate with your dog through body language to read and understand them better. Tickets are £12. For full details please contact: Bev – Jeni –

Canine Nutrition Seminar

Did you know that 90% of your dogs Serotonin is not made in the brain, its made in the gut lining? …its also stored there too! Behaviour is definitely not, all in the mind. For a comprehensive seminar packed with information on how to feed your dog for ultimate health and longevity, including how food influences behaviour too, join Caroline Griffith in Kent this Sept 20th. Caroline’s highly regarded seminars have had terrific feedback and are literally changing dogs lives for the better, even already those already being raw fed! Understand raw feeding, canine nutrition and natural health like never before. Includes Certificate and Buffet Lunch. More info and booking at events or Facebook event:

Nick Thompson, Suzi McIntyre and Verm-x seminar

Ziggy’s in Forest Row are hosting a raw feeding seminar on 12th September with talks from:

– Nick Thompson
– Suzi McIntyre
– Mathew Bell (Verm-x)

A limited number of tickets are available for £50, more information is available here:

Dr Rupert Sheldrake is giving a talk for dog lovers

Do you remember the book ‘Dogs that know there owners are coming home’?
This best seller explained the pioneering research of Dr Rupert Sheldrake into canine and human telepathy.
Rupert has gone on to become a worldwide renowned research scientist, looking at subjects such as epigenetics, morphic resonance as well as further telepathy between species.
His TED talk and book The Science Delusion was so pioneering it was actually banned in some countries for the new way of thinking it created!
Rupert rarely gives talks, but has agreed to support the British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons and do so in October this year as a fundraiser for the association.

The event is being held in Cambridge, UK on Friday Oct 2nd – with tickets already sold from Manchester and Newcastle!
This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and gain from Dr Sheldrake’s amazing depth of knowledge, consciousness and enthusiasm for his message.

We really hope you will be able to join us for this wonderful event. You will be supporting a much needed association, tirelessly spreading the word on natural canine health, and will enjoy yourself too.

More info and Early bird tickets for only £15 can be purchased from one of these 2 this links:







In other news…


Wandering Dog Company wanders further than ever before!

The Wandering Dog Company have now extended their raw to door North East delivery service to include Cumbria, Glasgow and Edinburgh. In addition to delivering a fantastic selection of raw food from MVM, Paleo Ridge and Dogs Butcher they are offering every customer the chance to save money off their deliveries through their extremely popular referral and loyalty schemes. Contact them for further details:

Raw feeding newbie?

Need help getting started with a raw diet? Then look no further than our getting started guide.







That’s all for this month, I’m really excited with all the great content in this months newsletter! Show your support by liking us on Facebook!



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