Different approaches to Canine nutrition

Caroline Griffith

This is a guest post by animal well-being expert Caroline Griffith who has over 20 years experience working with natural pet care and holistic training techniques.

Famously Louis Pasteur, the scientist who introduced us to the concept of bacterial threats, said before he died “We must never forget a host is important as the bacteria”. What he meant was that the state of being or health a person or animal is in is what allows them to cope better with the bacteria than others in a lesser state of health.

So the Host (the body) is of utmost importance, and by avoiding bacteria you are actually only looking at half the issue.
Here we come to pet food. We study our pet food labels, we avoid things we believe are not appropriate for dogs, we consider the ingredients for likelihood of causing allergies or intolerances, occasionally we look at the cooking process of the food, but mostly it’s the ingredients we get stuck with.
We crave nutritional info, thinking that if only we knew more technical aspects we would be able to work out how much of certain vitamins were in certain foods and would then be able to work out if it was ‘balanced’.

Yet we forget just how influential the dog as a host also is. Even with the best food ingredients in the world if your dog cannot digest optimally, cannot utilise what been digested and follow many other digestive or metabolic processes, the dog will continue showing issues.
For me we need to be looking beyond whether certain types of processed foods are better e.g. is grain free better? Or is a ‘fish protein only’ option correct for a dog, and start to look at what is it about food that sustains life, all life.

Across the board, for all creatures, unprocessed Real food is better at sustaining life than processed foods. There is wealth of science that shows this.
We are told this all the time by the medical profession, even the government backs the ‘Eat 5-7 fruit and veg a day’ scheme.
All unprocessed Real foods have attributes that encourage a dog, a human or any creature to have optimal cellular metabolism, be able to self-regulate their cellular health, overcome disease and importantly create its own balance! Yes – it will create its own! That is what kept them alive for the millions of eons before we decided we knew better.

Considering how unbalanced most of our diets are, there lies an example (albeit generalised) that bodies can do this. No animal goes round with a complete and balanced checklist!
The terms Complete and Balanced do not mean that all nutrients they need are in the diet anyway! – you will find out several reasons why on my seminar.

While we strive to understand labelling, argue over raw vs kibble, confuse ourselves as to which ingredient of a processed food is better than another, we completely miss the points about Real Food and the state of being it puts the Host eating it into.
Real doesn’t have to be raw, lightly cooked is still ‘life sustainable’, but of course the less processed the better, so raw will have the real food attributes in greater amounts. Just as raw fruit and veg do too.

To feed for the future health of your dog or cat you don’t need to know how to read a processed food label, you don’t need to know how to create a ‘perfectly balanced’ diet, the most important things are to understand how to nourish the body into a state of health that can sustain life.

Not only will they overcome many health issues, but they will cope better should, they meet bacteria or virus in the future, they will have more ‘zest for life’ and vigour, behaviours will change as they begin to literally Feel better, and importantly you will enhance the bond you have with your dog.

If you would like to know the exact differences between real food and processed food, if you wonder what the terms complete and balanced actually mean, if you would like to understand why nutrients simply being in the bowl is not enough for health, and discover steps you can take to provide your dog with food that sustains their life forever please do attend my seminar in the town closest to you.
Not only will you learn these things but doors will open to ways you can also improve your own well-being all in one go!

What I teach is neutral, friendly, easy to achieve and backed by studies, (a lot of which have been around for decades) coupled with 20 years working with dog and cats, literally seeing and experiencing changes in their health and well-being, and experience working in the commercial pet food industry.

You will definitely leave refreshed, wiser and happier!

May 23rd West Midlands – Stourbridge
May 24th Oldham – Waggy Warehouse Ltd
May 29th College of Animal Welfare Vet Nurse CPD
June 21st Stockton on Tees -Wags & Whiskers Pet Boutique
Sept 20th Kent – Dover

Further information can be found here: http://www.thespiritualdogtrainer.com/the-best-dog-diet-ever/

You can also find Caroline on the raw feeding directory here: http://naturalpetdirectory.com/services/canine-nutrition-and-raw-feeding-seminars/

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