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Raw feeding directory June newsletter

Welcome to the June edition of the Raw Feeding Directory newsletter, thank you to everyone who has shown their support so far.

Review of the Month

Let’s start off with our favourite review from last month, and that comes from Jessica Palmer reviewing Raw Pet Supplies Ltd.

Raw Feeding Directory June Review
That’s just one of the many 5 star reviews for Raw Pet Supplies Lts, find the others here: https://naturalpetdirectory.com/supplier/raw-pet-supplies-ltd/#reviews



New Product Releases

We’ve got two new products this month and these are…

Among the Wolves: Memoirs of a Wolf Handler

Among the wolves‘Among the Wolves’ is an only-one-of-its-kind type of book. Rich in anecdote and information, it has something for everyone who cares about human relationship with the natural world. By writing it Toni Shelbourne has performed a service to wolf-kind everywhere.

This book tells the story of Toni’s life with eleven charismatic wolves at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust, Berkshire, England. Over ten years, she handled, raised, cared for and nursed these amazing creatures, and within these pages you will come to know the characters; laugh at their sense of fun, mourn at their passing – and learn to love them as she does.

Describing some of the best and worst of times, discover what happens behind closed doors when the public goes home, leaving just Toni and the wolves …

Available on Amazon and all good online book stores.

Raw Baltic Amber Tick & Flea Collar

mr slobberchops flea collarRaw Baltic Amber tick & Flea collars Size 30-35cm
Chemical free, long lasting genuine Baltic Amber
Amberpet is a 100% natural, long lasting solution to the problem that is completely safe for use in the home environment. Amber collar has a dual action in treating ticks and fleas. Extremely popular in Europe, this sturdy, 100% authentic Baltic amber collar can be safely worn by dogs and cats.



Special Offers

We’ve got some great special offers to share with you this month, and also the first offers from our friends across the pond.

20% from Rabbits4u (USA)

Rabbits4u is now offering MORE than just rabbits. They offer beef, sheep, quail, chicks (day old chicks, 3 oz and 6 oz) and more. Check out their website for up to date information. They have boneless beef and sheep as well as ground boneless sheep from their organic producer in Minnesota.
Mention the raw feeding directory and get 20% off your order of 50# of products (can be a mixture of products). (Offer not combined with other discounts).

They have producers all over the United States to keep our shipping costs low. Contact us today for a quote. https://rawfeedingdirectory.com/supplier/rabbits4u/

Win 28lbs of dog food a month for a year! (USA)

Allprovide currently have a competition running in Dogs Naturally Magazine to win 28lbs of dog food a month for a year – what a fantastic conpetition howeverthis is open only to USA residents.
More information here:

Big discounts and free delivery in the North East

Durham Dog Care are offering big discounts and free delivery of Nutriment Enhanced Raw Diet, throughout the North East of England. They also stock a range of natural, holistic canine health products, toys, and treats. Jamie is also an experienced dog trainer. For assistance please contact Jamie on 07970 103 440.

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June is a busy month for events, if you’re local then see if you can get along to one of the following.

Caroline Griffith’s raw feeding seminars

Caroline Griffith Spiritual dog trainerWe all know the value of raw feeding but what would you feed if you couldn’t feed raw for practical reasons? Perhaps you travel a lot and cannot always take a portable freezer box or have a freezer handy where you and your dog are staying. Perhaps your dog goes to stay with someone who simply won’t feed the raw food? For any number of reasons there may be occasions your dog is unable to enjoy his usual healthy raw diet, what then? Commercially it has been noticed that many of us raw feeders head for plastic trays foods, with a few other reaching for what they believe is a ‘better’ version of a kibble or a real meat tin. Are they best options? Or simply the options you have heard about. By understanding what it is about raw food that holds the magic healthy zest for life giving qualities you will be in a better position to make decisions in such situations and choose foods as close to those as possible. No doubt you have experienced yourself the magic raw feeding can do but do you actually know what makes it so great? Learn these nutritional and composition differences, between raw and processed foods, on one of my seminars this year.  Know exactly what it is about food that provides joy, life and longevity! Touring the UK throughout 2015 to bring a better understanding of pet food and pet health to owners everywhere! Feedback has so far been terrific, you’ll get a certificate and heaps of freebies from ethical pet food companies. For more information on this topic and what else is covered on my seminars please click on the link today! https://www.facebook.com/events/819984788047345/ Am I speaking at a town near you? https://rawfeedingdirectory.com/services/canine-nutrition-and-raw-feeding-seminars/  

Raw Food, Supplements and Behaviour in Dogs

Nick Thompson of Holisticvet will be giving a whole day Masterclass in what raw food feeding means in 2015. He’ll cover what supplements to consider and how these can all positively impact behaviour. Nick will divide the day up as follows: Raw Food

  • The Basics
  • Tips and Tricks for Better Food and an Easier Life
  • Cats are Carnivores, What are Dogs?
  • Food Labels – how to Read them and Understand what they Mean!
  • Carbs – Good or Bad?
  • Obesity and Diabetes


  • A Few of My Favourite Things
  • Supplements and Treats to Avoid and Why
  • Supplements for Arthritis, Liver and Kidney Disease, IBD and Skin problems


  • Does Food affect Behaviour? ADHD, Autism and Nutrition
  • What is the Evidence for Improving Behaviour with Diet and Supplements?
  • What herbs can I use to Help?
  • What Nutraceuticals can I use to Help?

Saturday 20th June. To book, please call Andrea on 07791 570432 or email info@embarkonraw.co.uk

Ttouch Workshop with Toni Shelbourne

TLC Canine Care will be hosting a full day’s Tellington Touch workshop by Toni Shelbourne There will be a maximum of 12 Handler Places for anyone wishing to take part with their dog to learn Ttouch techniques & what they are used for and also tickets for spectators who just want to watch and learn more. This promises to be a fascinating day, whether it is your first encounter with these amazing techniques or whether you already have some knowledge but would like to see a professional practitioner at work. The dogs will be able to stay with their handlers throughout the day but will need to be dogs that are good with others. More details on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/229271390576800/  

Raw feeding advice from Raw Paws Pantry

Raw Paws Pantry will be at the Octagon Centre Burton on Trent on Saturday 20th June as part of a pet awareness day and will be offering help and advice on raw feeding your pets, and offering a great selection of natural goodies toys and treats. Raw Paws Pantry will also be at the 136th Derbyshire County Show Sunday 28th June Elveston near Derby we will be offering help and advice on all your raw feeding issues Dorwest herbs, Riaflex, Green & Wilds, Angell petco, ostlers apple cider vinegar and much more pop by and say hello. https://rawfeedingdirectory.com/supplier/raw-paws-pantry/


In other news…


Do you like to talk raw?

The Raw Feeding Forum is place where you can chat with other raw feeding enthusiasts who are always happy to offer their advice. You can find a ‘raw buddy’ to help you get started, or just sit back and look at cute pictures of dogs! Sign up and say hello here: https://rawfeedingforum.com/

Charity Fund Raiser for Irish Retriever Rescue

dog blog bookletRaw feeder Kate Mallatratt has written a booklet containing 12 short articles covering common dog training and behaviour issues.  Kate, who runs Contemplating Canines Behaviour & Training business in East Devon, wrote the booklet to educate pet owners and help prevent problems developing, and to raise funds for a Irish Retriever Rescue through sales.  The booklet contains sound advice ranging from teaching a reliable recall to preventing guarding issues to tips on coat care grooming.  If you would like a copy, please email kate@contemplatingcanines.com.  Price is £2 plus p&p.

Tailor made rehabilitation (and client discounts)

At Chapel Farm Rehabilitation Centre and Canine Crèche we provide multi-modality treatment options to enable us to tailor make each individual animal’s rehabilitation programme as well as offering other services such as our day care activity centre and dog shop. The rehabilitation centre incorporates complementary and holistic therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, herbal medicine, veterinary physiotherapy, and hydrotherapy, as well as including the benefits of appropriate nutrition through the provision of a suitable diet and dietary supplements. In our onsite dog shop we stock a variety of products including the popular Nutriment and Natural Instinct raw food brands. We offer exclusive discounts to ALL our customers purchasing raw food from our establishment, with discounts increasing with the quantities bought. Our designated ordering service enables you, the client to place specific requests from both Natural Instinct and Nutriment for free delivery to our centre including our generous discount. https://rawfeedingdirectory.com/vet/chapel-farm-rehab/  

Do you need help switching to raw?

Our latest blog post comes courtesy of Jonathan Self of Honey’s Real Dog Food who kindly shared an extract of his book; Honey’s Natural Feeding Handbook for Dogs. Read it here: http://naturalpetdirectory.com/a-simple-but-effective-feeding-plan-for-adult-dogs/ P.S. ask Honey’s nicely and they might give you a free copy (although a charity donation is always welcome).


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Also check out our latest blog post entitled: A simple but effective feeding plan for adult dogs.

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