May Newsletter

May Newsletter

Welcome to the second edition of the Raw Feeding Directory newsletter, thank you to everyone who has shown their support so far.

Review of the Month

Let’s start off with our favourite review from last April, and that comes from Valerie Burton reviewing Davids Doggie Dinners.

Davids doggy dinners review

That’s just one of many 5 star reviews for Davids Doggie Dinners, find the others here:


Nutriment Dinner For Dogs Range

Nutriment’s New “Dinner for Dogs” range is ideal for smaller, less active dogs. These perfectly proportioned 200g packs are specially prepared to provide the many taste and nutritional benefits of top-notch raw recipes in a handy, no-nonsense, single serve trays. Nutriment is delighted to also announce the addition of two new proteins, Rabbit and Venison, which complete this range with a lip-smacking 8 varieties, plus a premium Offal Mixer.

Learn more about Dinner for Dogs here:

Special Offers

We’ve got some great special offers to share with you this month, read on for…

Half Price Hamper Just £30

Whether you want an easy introduction to raw feeding or a better quality food the Honey’s Half Price Hamper fits the bill. It contains over £65 worth of food (made using ethically sourced, British ingredients) and goodies and costs just £30 including delivery. It comes with complete feeding instructions and can be made to order if your dog has allergies or other special requirements. Note: Honey’s is happy to provide free advice, recipes and tips even if you never, ever plan to become a customer. Call 01672 620 260 or email for more information.

5% off from Benyfit Natural

Benyfit Natural are running a spring discount with 5% off ALL of their products until 31st May 2015. This even includes their special Puppy food (which contains Verm-X) and also Senior food (which contains glucosamine, chondroitin and M.S.M). Their raw dog food is complete and nutritionally balanced and there is no need for any additional supplementation. They contain muscle meat, organ meat, bone and vegetables in the correct ratio to maintain a healthy, happy dog.

Find out more here:

Free Dog Treats

There are three reasons to buy Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Dog Treats. Firstly, your dog will go crazy for them. Secondly, if you sign up for a regular, monthly order of four packets you will receive two packets free (saving you £8). Thirdly, for every packet you pay for, a packet is given to a canine rescue centre. New subscribers also receive a rather snazzy yellow tin, free of charge. These treats are made from air dried, British, free range liver with nothing added. Explain you want the special subscriber offer (you can cancel any time) when you get in touch. Call 01672 620 360 or email info@beautifuljoes.comfor more information.

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May is a busy month for events, if you’re local then see if you can get along to one of the following.

Caroline Griffith’s raw feeding seminars

What is the single most important thing to judge when choosing a dog food? Is it the meat content? the balance? the bone content? the presence of maize, grain or rice? the ingredient list? Nope, No, Nada, No and, well actually No. The single most important factor in determining if a food is going to sustain your pets well-being for a long happy lifetime is: The processing method! Even the best of ingredients can be compromised with processing methods. Would you know exactly how different types of pet food are made if asked? Would you know how the different manufacturing and processing methods influence the qualities and nutrition of those food types? Would you like to know how processing of foods can influence a pets digestive system, disease, health and cellular metabolism? Could it be possible that the very pet foods we consider ‘better’ – be that Kibbles, Tins or Raw, are not actually the better ones at all? If ingredients are still at the top of your judgement list you must attend one of Caroline Griffiths’ seminars! You’ll leave with fresh knowledge to knock the socks of anyone who questions why you feed raw and importantly with approaches and answers for those dogs owners who aren’t ready to go the whole hog yet, or for those times when even feeding raw yourself is not appropriate, or achievable. Raw is always optimal but what if it cannot be done for practical reasons? What then!? How do you choose a food that is still good for your pets? We raw feeders want to provide the best at all opportunities for our own pets, and hope to provide knowledge to assist other dogs and cats too. A full understanding of food, beyond ingredients, is the way forward. Caroline will be hosting three seminars this month: May 23rd West Midlands – Stourbridge May 24th Oldham – Waggy Warehouse Ltd May 29th College of Animal Welfare Vet Nurse CPD For more information:

Family Fun & Doggy Day

At Westfields farm, Stenson, Derby DE73 7GB Monday 4th May 11am until 4pm For more info contact Bev on 07725941421 Come and join the fun. [separator]

Pooches on the Prom

Sponsored Dog Walk, family fun day and fun dog show. 30th May, Folkestone 9th August, Birchington Contact David on 07824 490102 [separator]

Doris Banham Fun day and dog show

Fen Lane North Hykeham Sunday 31st May 2015 11.00-4.00 Details on Facebook:

And Next Month…


Raw Food, Supplements and Behaviour in Dogs

Nick Thompson of Holisticvet will be giving a whole day Masterclass in what raw food feeding means in 2015. He’ll cover what supplements to consider and how these can all positively impact behaviour. Nick will divide the day up as follows: Raw Food

  • The Basics
  • Tips and Tricks for Better Food and an Easier Life
  • Cats are Carnivores, What are Dogs?
  • Food Labels – how to Read them and Understand what they Mean!
  • Carbs – Good or Bad?
  • Obesity and Diabetes


  • A Few of My Favourite Things
  • Supplements and Treats to Avoid and Why
  • Supplements for Arthritis, Liver and Kidney Disease, IBD and Skin problems


  • Does Food affect Behaviour? ADHD, Autism and Nutrition
  • What is the Evidence for Improving Behaviour with Diet and Supplements?
  • What herbs can I use to Help?
  • What Nutraceuticals can I use to Help?

    Saturday 20th June. To book, please call Andrea on 07791 570432 or


In other news…


Do you like to talk raw?

The Raw Feeding Forum is place where you can chat with other raw feeding enthusiasts who are always happy to offer their advice. You can find a ‘raw buddy’ to help you get started, or just sit back and look at cute pictures of dogs! Sign up and say hello here:

The Dog’s Diner are moving

On Tuesday May 5th, The Dog’s Diner, Wallasey, Wirral will be relocating to a much larger premises which will offer their clients a much larger range of stock. The Dog’s Diner is a family run company headed by Ann Ridyard, author of the series of raw feeding books titled The Dog’s Dinner. They embrace strong moral ethics when it comes to their beloved pets, go and visit them to see how they can help you and your dog. The new address as from May 5th is:- The Dog’s Diner Unit 1 Tarran Way North Tarran Way Industrial Esate Moreton CH46 4UA More information here:

Travelling to France?

If you are going on holiday with your pet to Provence, France and want some information about raw feeding, advice about your animal’s general health or have a specific problem, please don’t hesitate to contact Malene Jorgensen at La Force Vitale. Contact details here:

Need help switching to raw?

Our latest blog post comes courtesy of Jonathan Self of Honey’s Real Dog Food who kindly shared an extract of his book; Honey’s Natural Feeding Handbook for Dogs. Read it here: P.S. ask Honey’s nicely and they might give you a free copy (although a charity donation is always welcome).


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