October Newsletter

October Newsletter
October is here already, this month’s newsletter is quite short (just like the days are getting!) but still packed with great value.

Review of the Month

Our review of the month comes from Katherine Edgar reviewing Hatties raw 4 Dogs. What brilliant service!

Katherine you’ve won a free copy of either Honey’s Natural Feeding Handbook for Dogs or The Lucky Dog Weight Loss Plan!

Why don’t you leave a review for your favourite listings on the directory and you could be featured next month and win a free book too!

October’s Giveaway (it’s a good one)

Congratulations to last month’s giveaway winner Mary Armour, who won a weekend ticket to the Natural Dog Conference!

This month we’ve got something very special, a month’s worth of Natural Instinct raw pet food and a consultation from Pet Nutritionist, Bianca Boulton-Major to help plan the perfect diet for your pet. I wouldn’t mind winning this myself!

New Product Releases


Wolftucker, sponsors of Caroline Ingraham’s talk at the Natural Dog Conference, have just introduced an organic coconut oil to their range.
A rich source of Medium Chain Triglycerides, these special dietary fats are unique as they are easily converted into energy, enhancing performance and vitality.
Find it here: http://www.wolftucker.co.uk/organic-coconut-oil/

Special Offers

MVM Special Prices

There are some great deals on MVM products this month from both Raw Pet Supplies and also Better4Pets.
The discounted prices end on the 31st so make some room in your freezer!

Raw Pet Supplies: https://rawpetsupplies.ecwid.com/#!/Special-Offers-&-Box-Deals/c/13797517/offset=0&sort=normal
Better4Pets: http://www.better4pets.co.uk/products.php

USA: $20 Discount from Nature Right

Nature Right make raw feeding easy!

Use this $20 discount code rfd20off through October 31, 2015 on 20 pounds or more of RAWSULTS™ frozen patties by Nature Right™ Raw Pet Food. Code is valid for 2 purchases. Delivering to 10 U.S. states only-see list below.

RAWSULTS™ offers the perfect ratios of 80/10/5/5 of meat/bone/liver/organs in Moo, Oink & Cluck. Nothing else is added, just meat, bones and organs. They also offer Stink™ patties (tripe). Feed Stink™ frozen to eliminate the smell of tripe.

All animals used are HUMAN GRADE animals from small north Texas family farms.

Visit them at http://www.natureright.com/

(States currently delivering to: Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Missouri, Oklahoma & Texas.)


The UK’s First Natural Dog Conference

We’re proud to bring you the UK’s first Natural Dog Conference featuring some of the world’s biggest canine experts, hosted by Caroline Griffith and yours truly. We’ve got Dr Karen Becker, Rodney Habib and many other speakers who are excited to cover topics such as canine health & nutrition, vaccinations and dog behaviour.

Tickets are available here: http://naturaldogconference.com/tickets

Blu’s Tale Foundation Walk

Blu’s Tale Foundation our Canine Epilepsy Group are holding the 1st of what will be their main annual event Walking For Blu & Angel Walk for Blu on Sunday 1st November. This involves members & friends organising a dog walk in their area (both here & overseas as we have quite a few members in other countries) to help raise awareness of Canine Epilepsy & funds which go towards research into this distressing & all too often fatal disease.
So please look out for one near you, come along with your family, friends & dogs, pop a pound in the pot & enjoy a lovely group walk knowing you are supporting a very worthwhile cause.


In other news…

Prepare for Fireworks night

It’s October, time to start preparing your dog for Fireworks night. Help…My Dog’s Scared of Fireworks, is a great new book by Toni Shelbourne and Karen Bush.Available from Amazon as a paperback or on kindle.

Lisa Tenzin-Dolma, Principal of The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour, calls it “A gem of a book. Highly recommended!”

Toni will also be doing a series of talks and workshops on the subject throughout October. To find an event near you visithttp://www.tellingtontouch.co.uk/workshops.php

Raw feeding newbie?

Need help getting started with a raw diet? Then look no further than our getting started guide.

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