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  • Here at Natural Instinct, the health and wellbeing of your dogs and cats is of paramount importance to us. That all starts with a well-balanced, nutritious, raw food diet to ensure they are getting all the vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients to keep them fit, healthy and full of vitality.

    We continually strive to develop only the best raw dog food and raw cat food through close working with leading specialists and vets. Raw food ensures their diet is completely natural, just as nature intended.

    Using only the finest natural ingredients, you can be sure your pet is getting the best. 100% British sourced meats, fish and poultry along with fresh fruit and vegetables go into our foods with absolutely no artificial additives.

    Our experienced team are on hand to answer any questions you may have, so for more information on the benefits of feeding a raw food diet to your beloved dog or cat, visit the Natural Instinct website here  for more details.

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  • 6 Reviews on “Natural Instinct Ltd”

    1. Sue Williams Natural Instinct Ltd

      Simply The Best!

      This dog food is simply the best!

      I have been feeding Natural Instinct for two years.
      The food suits all my dogs from Ruby my tiny Chihuahua to Kali and Maddie Malinois. My dogs range in age and i have found that from young pups to golden oldies Natural Instinct keeps them healthy.
      I have weaned and reared puppies on the food and the results have been outstanding, pups which literally gleam with health!

      The range of treats and bones is superb and offer great enrichment as well as fantastic rewards when training.

      I have no hesitation in recommending.

    2. Ruth Owen Devon Dog Beahviour Natural Instinct Ltd

      I find this food to be an excellent source of balanced nutrition for our dogs. As a rescue centre, we get many dogs in who are in poor physical condition. I have no doubt that feeding Nature Diet is a large part of their quick return to health and vitality.

    3. malcolm johnson Natural Instinct Ltd

      As a professional canine behaviorist I feed all my pack on raw food and choose Natural Instinct. Without doubt my dogs benefit from the food and always finish each bowl with zeal.

      A huge benefit is less poo! as the food is completely utilised.

    4. Anne Carter Natural Instinct Ltd

      We have used Natural Instinct since it first started and I was introduced to it at Crufts. We tried our three Labradors who had always been fed on dried food with the resultant problems of large quantities of poo, and the most awful wind! We changed them on to Natural Instinct and have never looked back. They are fit and happy dogs with good shiny coats and what is more they love the food. We bought them their own small freezer and we keep it well stocked for them. One of the dogs was put on a special kidney diet but she really did not like it and it took ages for the bowl to be emptied, apart from which she put on weight alarmingly. I went back to NI food and we have never looked back. We use other things now to try and help her kidneys. Natural Instinct is superb food and I would recommend it to everyone who wants a happy, healthy and contented dog.

    5. Gary Doran Natural Instinct Ltd

      Natural Instinct foods are superb! Brewster struggled to stay with food for more than a few weeks until we switched to RAW. That was a year and a half ago, and he hasn’t looked back. He has more energy, his coat is amazing and his digestion is 100% better than on any of the other foods he had. The staff are always happy and friendly and on hand to answer any questions you may have. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough, and have to friends, who are now with Natural Instinct.

    6. Lez Graham Natural Instinct Ltd

      All of my dogs absolutely love Natural Instinct.

      I’ve tried them on different brands of raw food in the past but they didn’t attack their food with quite so much gusto or enthusiasm. The change in them since the switch has been fantastic; amazingly shiny coats, whiter than white teeth, easy to pick up poo and no wet dog smell!

      From an owners perspective I love feeding it, not just because it’s easy… and it really is a case of defrost and feed, but because it looks unprocessed. Other brands I’ve used always look so processed or have bits of rice in there too… not Natural Instinct. This looks ready to go in the cooking pot for us.

      Give it a go – I’m sure you and your dogs won’t be disappointed with the result.

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