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  • We have one of the largest selections of proteins of any raw dog food manufacturer in the country

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  • 21 Reviews on “The Dogs Butcher”

    1. Elena The Dogs Butcher

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      I cannot comment on the quality of the product, as there was a problem with the delivery and it was in transit for more than 48 hours (the time limit for which it is guarnateed to keep frozen), so it arrived to me defrosted and one of the boxes moreover was so badly packaged that it leaked blood all inside the delivery. The delivery man refused to touch it so it remained in the van. A picture of the bleeding box was taken and sent to the owner of the business, Joanne Mcmahon, for a refund.

      The response from Joanne was extremely unprofessional. She refused to believe that the meat was defrosted, blatantly implying that I was lying, even when the meat was guaranteed for 48 hours and the delivery was in transit for well over two days.

      She claimed she would refund the box leaking blood and, although I emailed to her, as she requested, my bank detail THREE TIMES, she claimed she never received them, reporting silly excuses that she was on holiday and her email did not work from there. The bizzarre fact is that she replied to my emails with the bank details in it stating that she did not receive them. So obviously she was not telling the truth.

      Eventually I stopped communicating with her, as it was really not worth to continue engaging with someone so rude and unprofessional. Never have I come across in my whole life in anybody as unprofessional and rude as the owner of the Dog Butcher, and I feel it is only fair to inform other customers.

      Needless to say no money has been refunded to me so far (the whole incident happened nearly a month ago) and I do not believe it ever will.

    2. The Dogs Butcher

      My friend and I used the Dog’s Butcher after a recommendation from friends, who have been very happy. We are not happy with the service we received after mistakes were made with my order. We will not be using them again. I have made a suggestion that it would be a good idea to detail on the order acknowledgement what is contained within the order, so that mistakes can be picked up prior to delivery.

      1. joanne mcmahon The Dogs Butcher

        We are sorry you feel this way. We don’t get many complaints so I do remember this one. It can be very difficult when ordering via a friend, so you have no direct contact with us, to make sure all the information we relay gets back to you. We take on board your recommendations .

    3. Lisa Towning The Dogs Butcher

      I switched to using The Dogs Butcher products via a local supplier (1st Choice Raw) around 6 weeks ago. Quality is absolutely outstanding, an excellent variety of products and competitive prices. I have used many different suppliers to feed my dogs since I first raw fed back in the 80s but now know I have finally found the best! The fact all food is ethically sourced is also a huge plus for me.

      My dogs are very happy and say thank you!

      Highly recommended.

    4. Mike Warren The Dogs Butcher

      Simply the best, have been using the Dogs Butcher for over 12 months, the quality of the meat and products is second to none. Have been feeding my Weimaraner on the Complete Minces, he absolutely loves them. Since changing over from a dry kibble his whole demeanour has changed, he’s calmer, doesn’t “poo” as much, drinks less, has more energy, is less bloated after meals, scrounges less and looks forward to every meal time.
      Would I recommend Jo and The Dogs Butcher to anyone else, YES.

    5. Jackie Meager The Dogs Butcher

      Exceptional high quality raw food for dogs. I can highly recommend, I have two Springers and they squeal when it’s dinner time. Jo is always efficient and helpful.

    6. Claire Brennan The Dogs Butcher

      Love love love The Dogs Butcher. Best Raw food Dexter has had. I have to stop myself from ordering too often.
      The personal touch from Jo and her lovely family is indeed an added bonus. Super people, supplying the best Raw dogs food out there.

    7. jodie s The Dogs Butcher

      Amazing quality food and fairly priced. Great service every time and will go out of their way to help out if your short. Lovely ladies, highly recommended!!

    8. Jo Jones The Dogs Butcher

      I’ve used The Dogs Butchers food for a very long time now and can honestly say I’m so pleased to have found them! Their food is excellent and my doggies are always happy with their din dins choice! Thanks for being great guys!

    9. Helen Doel The Dogs Butcher

      So happy to have found the Dogs Butcher. Superb quality of food at amazing prices and a fantastic customer service. Would recommend them to anybody thinking of moving over to raw!

    10. Trish Pickford The Dogs Butcher

      I have been using Jo’s products since she first started and everything she supplies is top notch. I always know that whatever I buy will be the best quality and the service the wonderful team supply is second to none. Nothing is too much trouble and they are always available with helpful advice. Check out her website for the best quality food at the best prices. Wouldn’t even think of going anywhere else.

    11. Mandie Cox The Dogs Butcher

      Excellent quality at excellent prices. Nationwide delivery at reasonable rates. Cant fault them! I have 2 very happy Boxers 🙂

    12. Steve Aldred The Dogs Butcher

      What can I say about The Dogs Butcher ? The service you receive is first class, Jo and her staff are so helpful and have given me loads of advice and they always are smiling. The meat is the best just ask my Alaskan Shepherd Skye,whether she’s eating ducks necks, chicken wings ,heart etc she loves it.
      If your new to raw feeding like I was 3 mouths ago give them a bell or have been raw feeding for years you will not find better

    13. Sarah Nicholas The Dogs Butcher

      I looked for a long time for a good, fair priced complete supplier and thank god I found The Dogs Butcher, great prices and great service, Jo and her team are always on hand to answer questions and I love that they are fairly local to me. I am always recommending them to people. I also look forward to their North Devon van delivery starting soon !

    14. Kim Hall The Dogs Butcher

      I have used The Dogs Butcher (Jo) since she started in 2013, her food is second to none, her minces are lovely and chunky rather than sloppy colourless minces you may find from some other suppliers, she also does a range of ‘Completes’ which are brilliant for convenience and people new to raw, she is very helpful and staff at her premises are very friendly. I have raised a litter of pups on The Dogs Butchers food and am please to say all thrived and most new owners stayed with the raw feeding. Have a look at her website for the large and varied range of products she sources. I could go on all day about how wonderful her food is but you must try it yourselves to believe it.

    15. Jo The Dogs Butcher

      Brilliant quality and range, easy to order and lots of support of needed. Really well packed and labelled and most importantly – my dog loves it!

    16. Sam Klyne The Dogs Butcher

      I hummed and harred before I ordered because of distance and having to use a courier …. Wish I had took the plunge earlier, fussy lab loves everything … Officially a customer for life …

    17. Martina Kaderabkova The Dogs Butcher

      I have to say I have ordered food from many suppliers before and non provide such a fantastic quality and choice of meat as The Dogs Butcher does. What I love the most about their products is that there are no useless additives used as fillers and also the packaging is really great. They sell an outstanding quality raw food thats also ethically sourced and that is very important to me. I would recommend their products to anyone.

    18. andi bullard The Dogs Butcher

      Jo and her team consistently deliver a hight standard of raw food and an equally fantastic service. Great value but no compromise on quality. A family run, friendly business is an exceptional find these days. Try it – you won’t be disappointed.

    19. Leigh Pallister The Dogs Butcher

      I would highly recommend the dogs butcher. Fantastic food which both my cats and dogs love. Super friendly and helpful service.

    20. Kate Wakefield The Dogs Butcher

      Absolutely cracking!
      Best supplier by far in the 4 odd years of raw feeding.
      Fresh meat, not minced to a pulp, looks good enough for US to eat.
      My dogs love it ❤️
      Thank you Jo and team!

    21. Laura The Dogs Butcher

      Fantastic range and prices. Love it all – from the tongues and heads to the veal and horsemeat. Very helpful owner and great service!

    22. Shelley Walsh The Dogs Butcher

      As an experienced raw feeder and someone with extremely high expectations for my dogs I am delighted to have found the Dogs Butcher a few months ago. Not only do my dogs now enjoy a wide variety of very fresh top class food, but I also have peace of mind knowing that I am feeding a humane and ethical product as demonstrated by Jo’s own passion and care for the welfare of animals. The Dogs Butcher makes no fancy claims or gimmicks. It’s quite simply good honest food, excellent customer service and sound advice. I agree with others who say the Dogs Butcher really is second to none.

    23. Rose Holt The Dogs Butcher

      I’ve been buying from Jo since she started the business, and her food quality way outshines everyone elses. It’s all ethically sourced, non- halal meat and bones. No mush!! 🙂 Huge selection, great prices, fantastic prices, a sense of humour. Delivery offered, or collection. It’s the only place to use, for me. I’m not getting paid to say it, either!! 🙂

    24. jim dicks The Dogs Butcher

      fantastic supplier of excellent raw food for dogs. Always helpful. Been using them since they started their business and I wouldn’t use anyone else.

    25. Neil Harvey The Dogs Butcher

      I’ve tried lots of raw dog food company’s and suppliers since changing to raw over a year ago and I’ve found The Dogs Butchers food to be top quality and the service to match. They are always happy to answer or help with any questions or queries you may have. I would also like lto say a big thank to Jo for all her time effort and help with me and my dogs in getting the right food and mixes for them.

    26. Tracey Jones-Hughes The Dogs Butcher

      Brilliant variety and brilliant quality – it all looks so fresh. I’m using The Dogs Butcher’s complete minces for my pup, who started refusing kibble and we haven’t looked back. He can’t eat it quick enough and he looks the picture of health.

    27. Jennifer Andrew The Dogs Butcher

      Cannot rate The Dogs Butcher enough, excellent quality and a complete hit with my pup who never refuses a meal! Such a variety to choose from, takes all the fuss out of preparing your own raw diet and for such reasonable prices. I have never fed raw before and the support and advice available has been invaluable in getting us started, with The Dogs Butcher’s food I will never go back to kibble!

    28. linda gomez The Dogs Butcher

      I have been using The Dog’s Butcher for over a year. As a raw feeder of several years I have tried quite a few varieties now. I can honestly say that I rate this company as the best manufacturer/supplier of raw mat. There is plenty of choice from Tripe, Boar, Horsemeat, Venison, Rabbit and chicken and for me, my dog using 500 gms a day, the packs come in handy 1kg double wrapped bags. I love that I can get a complete (10/10/80 ratio) and can see every different piece of meat with no mushy watery bits – just pure meat, bone and offal. These mixes are handy and brilliant if someone else is feeding Domino dog that is a little worried about feeding raw.The service is personal and very good. I can’t fault anything and would highly recommend Jo and the Dog’s Butcher. Give them a try. I don’t think you will go back to your old supply!

    29. Nancy Asiamah The Dogs Butcher

      In 36 years of raw feeding the dogs butcher has everything I’m looking for in a supplier quality variety value and outstanding customer service I would and do recommend to everyone who raw feeds

    30. Linda Brady The Dogs Butcher

      By far the best and freshest food I’ve ever bought for my dog. Lovely chunky minces. My dog does somersaults when it’s feeding time. Excellent customer services and advice given, delivery comes on the day it’s supposed to. I would recommend you try it, you won’t be disappointed and your dog will love you even more.

    31. Nicola Farrington The Dogs Butcher

      A great range of high quality food, great customer contact and food delivered well packaged and labelled. Cannot fault them and my dog loves the food so happy all round.

    32. Ria Kendall The Dogs Butcher

      My three dogs have never been so well fed. Their food is easy to order, customer service is awesome, the food arrives frozen and poly packed to ensure freshness.
      It’s important to me that the food is ethically sourced, the quality is second to none.
      I can’t recommend more highly. (Lives in Gloucestershire, so other suppliers are much closer)

    33. Pippa Richards The Dogs Butcher

      Fantastic quality and selection, would recommend their products to everyone. Great customer service too with help always on hand should you have any queries.

    34. elliot connor The Dogs Butcher

      The Dogs Butcher supplies the best raw dog food that I’ve seen, bar none. It is all ethically sourced which is important to me and the customer service is great.
      I’d eat it!

    35. mrs stephanie james The Dogs Butcher

      I highly recommend the dogs butcher, the food is good quality & very helpful and friendly staff always there when you need them 🙂

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